APG CORPORATION is mainly engaged in the trading activity of all kind of Raw materials and final products for polymer industries. It supports to export-import of any material with excellent services. 


The APG Corporation Group is a comprehensive solution for any type of service for the polymer processing industry, such as the configuration of new projects, the development of new products, the supply of raw materials such as polymers, chemical products, additives, fillers, minerals, etc. Our combined industry experience and unmatched creative, technical, and manufacturing skills enable us to help you grow your business from a unique perspective. APG is a leading manufacturer of concentrated dyes and additives, as well as unique compounds. The understanding of colour is essential for identifying the brand and attracting new customers. This is where APG shines. Using science, understanding your products’ purpose, and based on your manufacturing requirements, APG makes sure that you select the right materials to deliver the product your customers want.

APG Corporation Motto

Our company’s motto is to give purchasers the proper guideline for raw material and material available on the best price and performance ration as per customer demand.

How APG Corporation Work

Our Trading specialists maintain contacts with numerous polymer market agents, both at the national and international levels. This network of contacts, together with the possibilities offered by our global network of warehouses. These warehouses mean we can provide you with an exclusive service to get the maximum potential out of your purchasing power. Conversely, you can place a particular product on the under the most advantageous conditions possible.

The APG India group is global enterprise head office in Vadodara Gujarat, India and comprises one operating and two service companies and servicing to more than twenty countries worldwide with turnover around 10Crore INR.

APG India Group is engaged in serving polymer processing industries worldwide in terms of Manufacturing, Trading & Sourcing Services and Techno-commercial support for product and new project services for maximum applications in plastics.

APG Corporation Multichannel SALES AND SUPPORT

We provide the best information and control through our multi-channel sales and support service. An expert sales force, an extended service contact centre and an always-available digital platform in the Cloud that delivers the best and most efficient service to our customers.

International Office

AGP Group continuously explores the international market, especially Asia, the Middle East, America, Africa and Europe, to identify unique opportunities for buying and selling polymers.

Our Solutions

We have the solution your company needs for any purpose. Whether you are looking for the best regular supply at a competitive price, want to make the most out of your buying power or if you’re going to take advantage of the best opportunities on the market.

A Wide Range Of Polymers

Thanks to our broad supplier base, we can offer you a wide range of polymers, including the leading brands and leading producers on the market.

Polyolefins Styrenics Engineering Polymers
LLDPE C6 ABS PA Compounds
Rotomoulding POM H
mPE Blends