Founder & CMD Polymer Consultant

APG India group is a result of very hard work and experience of its founder in the the field of polymer processing in different applications. This group serving to the polymers and chemicals industries since one decade for product development, Sourcing &supply chain, training, new project supporting management and many more to the polymer processing industries worldwide.

Founded by MR. AP GALE in 2005 Who had done his masters in polymer processing technology from India’s reputed university of chemicals and fertilizers and three different diplomas in polymer science. He had been worked at so many reputed companies in india.After a long experience he had started his own three companies step by step in last 10 years and giving different services in the field of plastics.

  • Over 14 years of experience in the industrial field using prototype equipment for
    developed new products and improving existing products for polymers industries.
  • Excellent commands on making dope dyeing color master batches for textile application.
  • Scaling up from materials development, to pilot, to production.
  • Assist customers to purchase the right laboratories and production equipment for
    Their Products.
  • Upgrading QC system in the lab meet ASTM with minimum standard of deviation.
  • Prepared technical marketing presentations, and communicated constantly with
    suppliers and customers.
  • Hard working and excellent experience in the field of polymer processing technology with various applications.
  • Post graduate in polymers Nano Technology & organic chemistry from
    Indian government institution.
  • Experience with reputed organization in India like
  • 14 years huge experience in the field of coloring technology of polymers Got many awards of excellent work and research for polymer products. Handling Projects & product development liabilities from many reputed organizations.